Rossini’s Cinderella in Greece

logogreekopera Presents: Gioachino Rossini’s


Conductors: George Petrou (25, 26, 30/10, 1, 3, 10, 13/11)
                    Konstantinos Diminakis
Director: Rodula Gaitanou

25, 26, 30 October 2013
1, 2, 3, 10, 13 November 2013

Olympia Theatre
Performances begin at 20.00

Set design – Lighting: Simon Corder
Costumes: Alexia Theodoraki
Chorus master: Agathangelos Georgakatos

Don Ramiro: Antonis (Αnthony) Koroneos (25, 30/10, 2, 10, 13/11) 
  Vassilis Kavayas (26/10, 1, 3/11)
Dandini: David Menendez (25, 30/10, 2/11)
  Haris Andrianos (26/10, 1, 3, 10, 13/11)
Don Magnifico: Carlos Esquivez (25, 30/10, 2/11)
  Dimitris Kassioumis (26/10, 1, 3, 10, 13/11)
Clorinda: Myrsini Margariti (25/10, 2/11)
  Elpiniki Zervou (26/10, 1, 3/11)
  Georgia Eliopoulos (30/10, 10, 13/11)
Tisbe: Eleni Davou (25/10, 2/11)
  Angelica Cathariou (26/10, 1, 3/11)
  Eleni Voudouraki (30/10, 10, 13/11)
Cinderella (Angelina):    Mary-Ellen Nesi (25, 30/10, 10/11)
  Irini Karaianni(26/10, 1, 3/11)
  Artemis Bogri (2, 13/11)
Alidoro: Petros Magoulas (25, 30/10, 2, 10/11)
  Tassos Apostolou (26/10, 1, 3, 13/11)

One of Rossini’s most delightful comic operas, Cinderella is, of course, based on the famous tale by Charles Perrault, but this time with a few major differences that relate to the period in which the piece was written. For example, it was inconceivable at the time for the leading lady to display her legs on stage, so there is no little glass slipper in the opera. Instead, the prince found his beloved thanks to a bracelet.
The new production, which kicks off the season for the GNO this year, also presents a few variations of its own. The action is set in the 20th century in a place and time that correspond with the narrative but include references that are more familiar to a contemporary audience.
The production’s young director, Rodoula Gaitanou, will be making her debut at the Greek National Opera, though her resumé includes important collaborations with the Royal Opera House in London and other significant British opera companies.
The main roles are performed by: Mary-Ellen Nesi, Irene Karayianni, Artemis Bogri, Antonis Koroneos, Vassilis Kavagias, David Menendez, Haris Andrianos, Carlos Esquivel and Dimitris Kasioumis

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