Introduced as a child to opera by his brothers-in-law, tenor Ottorino Cameran and Edoardo Scapinelli, Tiziano Thomas Dossena is an opera and art reviewer, with hundreds of articles  to his name (both in English and in Italian).  He is the co-author of DOÑA FLOR, AN OPERA BY VAN WESTERHOUT. A new book on van Westerhout is soon to be published in English, Italian and Japanese. Dossena is the Editorial Director of L’Idea Magazine and of Idea Press Musical Editions. He has a successful literary blog on BQE Media magazines (Queens Ledger, Brooklyn Star and other six magazines) and is the International News Editor for OperaeOpera magazine and Contributing Editor for Bridge Puglia Magazine. Dossena is also the Editor-in-Chief of OperaAmorMio Magazine the sister magazine (in Italian) to OperaMyLove.


LindaAnn Loschiavo1
LindaAnn Loschiavo (New York)

As a toddler, LindaAnn Loschiavo was introduced to the world of opera by her father, who worshipped Licia Albanese, by her maternal grandparents who had met and admired Enrico Caruso and Luisa Tetrazzini, and by her paternal grandparents whose favorite artists included Amelita Galli-Curci and Beniamino Gigli. She has written about opera for newspapers (such as The Italian Tribune and others) and for L’IDEA Magazine. A section in her forthcoming book “Flirting with the Fire Gods” includes a section on opera.
She makes her home in New York.

Natalia Di Bartolo
Natalia Di Bartolo (Italy)

Natalia Di Bartolo was born and lives in Catania. She studied classics, graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Catania.
She writes as a journalist, musicologist and expert in visual arts on the web and is the creator and editor of the online magazine operaeopera.com.
She writes also as editor/reporter for various magazines, including L’Idea Magazine New York, OperaLibera and Globalpress.
She is artistic coordinator and media manager of the International Festival of the Roman Theatre “Il verso, l’afflato, il canto” of Volterra (PI – Italy).
She has written texts in Italian and Latin, especially for sacred music, often in collaboration with M° Mariano Garau. She began to sing in the ranks of sopranos in the Polyphonic Choir “Benedetto Marcello” in S. Giovanni La Punta (CT).  She received a Bachelor University Singing and High Specialization in Voice and Orchestra. Her work “with” and “to” Art is constant: her Motto is “Art at 360 °”.

Salvatore Margarone (Italy)
Salvatore Margarone (Italy)

Musicologist and pianist, while he is pursuing a career in concerts, Salvatore Margarone has been working with the Casa Musicale Eco of Monza (IT) by publishing a series of revisions of Lieder by various authors from ‘700 to ‘900, critical essays and books on various composers. He works as a journalist with various specialized music magazines like OperaeOpera.com and Italian newspapers. He is expert in the Lieder repertoire, Opera, Chamber Music. He attends conferences and recital at International level. In July 2015, he won in Italy the Award for Music Criticism with the article “The Puritans in Florence: The unknowns of the second cast” published in February 2015 in the online magazine OperaeOpera.com.

Federico Scatamburlo (Italy)

Born in the province of Venice in 1965, from an early age he intimately cultivated a passion for classical music, approaching the world of theaters and opera performances. Since then he discovers a particular taste for vocal virtuosity, for bel canto in general, realizing in spite of himself that he has a particularly attentive “ear” for this type of performance.


William Dossena


Antonio Aprile

Graduated in Modern Philology at the “Aldo Moro” University of Bari, he taught Italian language within a SPRAR project. He currently works as an after-school tutor in a study center in Bari. He carries out writing projects both creative and non-fiction, and organizes public meetings aimed at humanistic dissemination. A great lover of yoga, books and stories, in recent years his research has focused above all on cultural connections between East and West. Very active in associations, he has written two musical fairy tales with the maestro Andrea Gargiulo as part of the Musica in Gioco project, and has contributed to the organization of initiatives such as the program Little Meetings at the Bookstore at the Campus bookshop in Bari and the intercultural festival Kantun Winka. In October 2018, he kicked off a tour entitled The Revolution of Happiness. The wonderful journey of Tiziano Terzani, which has met great success with the public at bookstores, yoga centers and associations in Puglia. He is a certified translator.

“The specter of flamenco” is his first published fiction.

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