TizianoDossenaLideaTiziano Thomas Dossena was born in Milan in 1952. He grew up in an artistic and inspiring environment and began writing at a young age. He moved to United States at sixteen and completed his studies in America. The author lives in Colonial Heights, NY.When he returned to Italy in 1978, he received the third prize for sculpture at the “Biennale di Boniprati.” Additional awards and nominations were won on in the following years, for poetry, journalism and fiction. Among those worth noting, the first prize for essays at the “De Finibus Terrae” contest; the second prize for poetry at “Voci Nostre;” the first prize for fiction “Coppa del Mare” at the “Premio Città di Modica;” the second prize for poetry at “Noi e gli Altri;” the Gold Medal for Journalism at “Premio Emigrazione;” the second prize with a silver medal at the “Premio Europa” for fiction; qualifying, again for poetry, in third place at the “Premio Napoli” and “Premio Collare d’Italia” contests; in fourth place at the “Premio La Nuova Fonte;” and fifth in the “PremioUngaretti.” His works have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies in Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Canada and the United States. Dossena is a staff writer of the magazine Bridge Apulia USA (Lecce) and the Editorial Director of L’Idea Magazine (Brooklyn, New York), the Editor-in-Chief of the virtual magazine on opera OperaMyLove and OperaAmorMio, the Editor of International News of OperaeOpera, and his articles have appeared in more than 100 periodicals. The author has  two successful Blogs on  six BQE Media magazines (Queens Ledger, Brooklyn Star and others)

Dossena was a council member (1998-2004) and Secretary (1998-2001) of the COMITES (Committee of Italians Abroad) in New York and has served in various functions within the Circolo Culturale di Mola. Dossena holds an Associate in Science from Kingsborough C. College (Mathematics), a Bachelor in Arts from Queens College (Italian,) a Bachelor in Sciences from Excelsior College [formerly University of the State of New York] (Liberal Studies,) an Associate in Applied Sciences from New York City Technical College (Environmental Control Technology) and a Bachelor in Arts in Environmental Sciences from Purchase College [SUNY].

Tiziano Thomas Dossena is also a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Lions International, Sons of Italy in America, Accademia Tiberina, Accademia dei Bronzi, Accademia Marconi, Haute Académie Française, the Académie des Marches (France) and of the Grupo Literario de O’Jornal de Felgueiras (Portugal). Dossena is the author of “Caro Fantozzi”, published by Scriptum Press in December 2008, and “Dona Flor, An Opera by van Westerhout”, published by Idea Publications in April 2010.

The author is also the Editorial Director of IdeaPress Publications Group, with many books edited or translated by him [La Terra dove Affiorano le Radici (2016), Dark Secrets, A Shaman’s Tale (2016), Miserere (2015), Stabat Mater, The Vocal Score (2015); Dona Flor, The Vocal Score (2015), Heaven, Hell & Hoboken (2015); Hassan(2013), L’Isola delle Lacrime (2013), etc.].