by Giuseppe Verdi

Magyar Allami Operahaz; Opera House, Budapest, Hungary | 19:00-22:00

  • Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
  • Director: Arnaud Bernard 

  • Set Designer: Arnaud Bernard 

  • Costume Designer: Arnaud Bernard 

  • Hungarian subtitles: Agnes Romhanvi 

  • Conductor: Peter Halasz 

  • Sir John Falstaff: Kiril Manolov 

  • FordN.N.
  • Fenton: Peter Balczo 

  • Dr. Caius: Zoltan Megvesi 

  • Pistola: Geza Gabor 

  • BardolfoN.N.
  • Mrs. Alice: Beatrix Fodor 

  • Nannetta: Emoke Barath 

  • Mrs. Quickly: Livia Budai 

  • Mrs. Page: Erika Gal 

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From the September Premiere:

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