Wagner’s final masterpiece, “PARSIFAL”, at the Swedish Royal Theatre in Stockholm


parsifal_fst3Wagner’s final masterpiece: PARSIFAL

Young Parsifal wanders the earth. He meets Grail knight Amfortas whose bleeding wound no one can heal. He meets Kundry whose kiss opens his eyes to man’s desire and misfortune. Guardian angels descend to the Earth with a sacred sword. Can humankind be set free from misery?

For director Christof Loy, a celebrated name in the world of opera, the complexity of corpreal love is central in his staging of Richard Wagner’s five-hour opus. Abstaining or indulging – that is the question! Royal Opera celebrates the bicentennial commemoration of Wagner with the story of Parsifal, which will be the new king of the weakened Grail Society. Parsifal was first performed in 1882, and the libretto is based in part on Wolfram von Eschenbach Bach’s medieval heroic poem Parzival from the middle ages. The religious motifs in Parsifal encompass Catholic mysticism, the philosophy of Schopenhauer and the compassion of Buddhism. As Parsifal we hear Michael Weinius, one of Europe’s most sought-after tenors, and the role of Kundry is sung by World renowned soprano Katarina Dalayman who, during the spring of 2013, sang the same role at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Music and lyrics Richard Wagner Director Christof Loy Sets Dirk Becker Costume and mask Barbara Drosihn Light Olaf Winter Dramaturg Thomas Jonigk Choreography Thomas Wilhelm performance lasts approximately 5 hours 15 minutes. task is still preliminary.

Performed in German with Swedish text on surtitles

Select performance

Saturday, October 5, 17:00   Premiere!
Tuesday, October 8 17:30
Saturday, October 12 15:00
Wednesday, October 16 17:30
Sunday, October 20 15:00
Sunday, October 27 15:00
Thursday, November 7th 17:30


Ola Eliasson
Michael Schmidberger
Christof Fischesser
Michael Weinius
Martin Winkler
Katarina Dalayman
Integral Knight
Jonas Degerfeldt Kristian Flor
Magdalena Risberg Frida Josefin Österberg Niklas Björling Rygert Jon Nilsson
Magdalena Risberg Roma Loukes Frida Josefin Österberg Vivianne Holmberg Sara Olsson Johanna Rudström
Katarina Leoson
Patrik Ringborg

*) The University College of Opera

Royal Opera chorus and extracorporeal
choir leader Folke Alin and Christina Hornell
Royal Opera Orchestra

Royal Opera AB
Box 160 94
103 22 Stockholm, Sweden

parsifal_fst1  parsifal_fst3

parsifal_fst4  parsifal_fst5


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