Giancarlo Monsalve sings “The Force of destiny” in D.C.

Our Blog follower David Maggiore send me this note, which I feel should be shared:
The last performance of The Force of Destiny in DC, Monsalve’s aria was legendary! Please listen and share! This young tenor needs to be discovered by everyone! I saw him two weeks ago for the first time in my life and it was an enormous surprise for me. I bought another ticket for the last performance and it was even better! Here is the recording of a lifetime experience performance NOT from the past, but from NOW!! He doesn’t have the media exposure that others have today, no record company that could push him with publicity!

It reminds me of Giacomini when he was young. Who “blew” Opera Houses around the world, but that without a record label to put him on top. Even being the best in his time, many people discovered Giacomini’s voice now at his seventies.

Monsalve is 30 years old and for me he is a legendary performer!
I saw Corelli, Del Monaco, Domingo (at his best), and for me Monsalve is in that group.

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