VERDI’S 200TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: “Aida” at the Janacek Theathre in Brno


What is more important – love or duty to the homeland?

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

Janacek Theatre – Rooseveltova 1-7 |

2013: Saturday November 9, Sunday december 12

2014: Friday January 10, Friday February 21, Tuesday May 20


Libretto: Antonio Ghislanzoni
Author: Giuseppe Verdi
Conductor: Jaroslav Kyzlink, Peter Feranec
Director: Václav Věžník
Set Design: Vladimír Soukenka
Costume Design: Josef Jelínek
Chorus Master: Josef Pančík
Choreographer: Zdeněk Prokeš
Assistant Conductor: Ondrej Olos
Assistant Stage Director: Otakar Blaha
Assistant Chorus Master: Pavel Koňárek

Cast 9.11.2013 17:00

Aida Louise Hudson
Radamès Rafael Álvarez
Amneris Monika Fabiánová
The King Jan Šťáva
Ramfis Jiří Sulženko
Amonasro Luis Cansino
High Priestess Daniela Straková-Šedrlová
Messenger Petr Levíček

Dirigent představení: Jakub Klecker

Janáček Opera Ensemble and Orchestra of the National Theatre Brno.

Premiere 12th January 2003, Janáček Theatre.

Revival 22nd January 2010, Janáček Theatre.

What is more important – love or duty to the homeland?

 The inspiration for the creation of one of the masterpieces from the operatic repertoire came from a scenario written by the French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette. Giuseppe Verdi provided the musical setting for the dramatic love story set against a backdrop of brutal warfare. Aida, an Ethiopian princess and Radamès, an Egyptian warrior, are on opposing sides of a bitter war and when they fall in love with each other, she must choose between her heart and her loyalty to her homeland. Verdi, the world-renowned composer, wrote the opera in an incredibly short time of just four months. At the time it was the culmination of his search for a new style that he had begun when he composed Don Carlos. Verdi’s Aida is a permanent fixture in all the major opera houses, Brno being no exception, where it has been continuously in the repertoire for more than ten years with the narrative production directed by Václav Věžník.

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