Peter Bruun’s “All the world, goodnight” in Copenhagen


The Royal Danish Theater Presents:

There once was a ship called the Unicorn. On May 9, 1619, it was sent off on an expedition to the North in order to find a sea route to India and China, the Northwest Passage, which could make the Christian IV, the King of Denmark, rich and powerful.

There once was a ship captain called Jens Munk. Three times Jens Munk searched for a way to the East through the Northern passages and all three times the ice tested him. The third time he found a way through, only to end up once again in a sea of ice. He and his crew wintered in the huge Hudson Bay in an attempt to find the Northwest Passage. At Christmas, hope was not yet lost; the crew was still optimistic and alive. But over the course of the winter, scurvy overpowered the crew one by one. The number of corpses per day was very accurately noted by Jens Munk in the margin of his logbook. When spring came, only three were alive.

All the World, Goodnight is an opera about being stuck in ice, about letting go of life and seizing it again.
About the one who seeks but does not always find.
About the one who dares but does not always wins.

All the World, Goodnight is directed by Rolf Heim, who’s credits include the theater concerts Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave at Aarhus Theatre, and The Motion Demon with FIGURA.

Music and libretto for All the World, Goodnight are created by Peter Bruun and Ursula Andkjær Olsen, the authors of FIGURA Ensemble’s opera MIKI ALONE, which in 2008 was awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize.

Thanks to the National Arts Council, the Danish Arts Foundation, Denmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968, Danish-Icelandic Foundation, Danish Composers’ Society and KODA’s National Funds, The Foundation for Danish-Icelandic Cooperation, Nordic Culture Point, Koda-Drama, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik’s Foundation and The Sonning Foundation.

Stage: Operaen Takkelloftet
Title: All the World, Goodnight
Artform: Opera
Performance period: 13. Jan. – 17. Jan. 2014
Duration: Unknown (TBD)
Price: 195kr
Dates: 13/01, 14/01, 15/01, 16/01, 17/01

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