“Un ballo in maschera” in Tel Aviv

Un ballo in maschera
Giuseppe Verdi

Amelia is married to Renato yet she loves Riccardo. Renato is Riccardo’s best friend. Riccardo is the Governor. Ulrica the fortune teller prophesizes that Riccardo will be murdered. Love, hate, spite and revenge in one of Verdi’s most beloved operas.

Libretto: Somma after the libretto of Eugene Scribe for Auber’s opera Gustave III ou Le Bal Masque






Conductor Daniele Callegari
  Eithan Schmeisser
Director Michal Znaniecki
Associate director Zosia Dowjat
Set Designer Luigi Scoglio
Costume Designer Joanna Medynska
Lighting and Projection Designer         Bogumil Palewicz
Choreographer Katarzyna Aleksander Kmiec

Among the Soloists:

Riccardo Kamen Chanev
  Christian Mogosan
Amelia Ira Bertman
  Mirela Gradinaru
Renato Boaz Daniel
  Ionut Pascu
Ulrica Dalia Schechter
  Svetlana Sandler
Oscar Hila Fahima
  Shiri Hershkovitz
Sam Vladimir Braun
Tom Noah Briger
Silvano Oded Reich

The Israeli Opera Chorus
Chorus Master: Ethan Schmeisser
The Opera Orchestra – The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion
Surtitles in Hebrew and English
Translation: Israel Ouval

New Production
Sung in Italian
Duration: Three hours

Day   Date              Hour        back stage tours   Opera Talkback
FRI 17.1.14 13:00    
SAT 18.1.14 20:00    
*SUN 19.1.14 20:00    
TUE 21.1.14 20:00   After the show
WED 22.1.14 20:00   After the show
THU 23.1.14 20:00 18:30  
FRI 24.1.14 13:00    
SAT 25.1.14 20:00    
TUE 28.1.14 20:00 18:30 After the show
WED 29.1.14 20:00 18:30 After the show
FRI 31.1.14 13:00    
SAT            1.2.14 20:00 18:30  

** TOWARDS OPENING –  11.1.14 SAT 11:00 

Un ballo in maschera

Scene i
The governor’s mansion
Riccardo, the governor of Boston, is giving an audience. Oscar, his page, brings him the list of guests invited to a masked ball. Riccardo is overjoyed to see included the name of Amelia, the wife of his secretary Renato, with whom – despite his conscience¬- he is in love. The faithful Renato tells him of a plot against his life but Riccardo brushes the warning aside. A judge arrives with papers to sign, banishing a fortune-teller named Ulrica for her evil influence. Oscar intercedes for her. Riccardo, for a lark, suggests that they all go in disguise to the dwellings of the sorceress and test her powers. The conspirators, Samuel and Tom, fall in with the scheme, seeing in it an opportunity to carry out their plot against Riccardo.

Scene ii
Ulrica’s place

Riccardo enters disguised as a fisherman. Without his knowledge, Amelia also comes to consult the fortune-teller. Concealed, Riccardo hears Amelia ask for a magic potion, which will uproot her love to Riccardo from her heart. Ulrica tells her of such a herb which can only be gathered at midnight in the place where the gallows stand. When Amelia leaves, Riccardo asks to have his fortune told. Ulrica tells him he will die by the hand of the friend who will next shake his hand. Renato enters. Riccardo goes forward and grasps his hand. He tells Ulrica this is the hand of his most trusted friend.

Midnight, in a deserted field, beside the gallows

Amelia, veiled, comes to pluck the magic herb, when Riccardo arrives. They proclaim their love to each other but Amelia begs Riccardo to leave her. At that point Renato comes into view. Amelia, seeing her husband, lowers her veil in fright. Renato has come to warn his master that conspirators are lying in wait for him. Riccardo consents to escape through a side path but asks Renato to promise that he will escort the veiled lady back to the city without attempting to find out who she is. As they leave, Renato and Amelia fall into the hands of the conspirators who, enraged at the loss of the governor, insist at least on knowing his sweetheart. They try to pull off Amelia’s veil. Renato draws his gun. To stop bloodshed Amelia reveals herself. Renato sees his own wife.
Scene i
Renato’s house

Renato prepares to kill his wife. Amelia begs to be allowed to embrace their son before she dies. When she goes out he gazes at the portrait of Riccardo which hangs on the wall, decides it is he on whom he must vent his wrath. He joins Samuel and Tom in their plot to murder the Governor. They draw lots; Amelia is commanded to pick the paper from an urn. It bears the name of Renato. The page Oscar arrives with the invitation to the masked ball.

Scene ii
A ballroom in Riccardo’s mansion

Riccardo decides to give up Amelia and send her and Renato abroad. Renato learns from Oscar what disguise Riccardo is wearing to the ball. Amelia also recognizes Riccardo, begs him to flee his impending death, but he refuses. As they bid each other farewell, Renato, unobserved, comes between them and shoots Riccardo. Too late, Renato hears from the dying ruler of Amelia’s innocence. With his last words Riccardo pardons all.

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