Statues and Monuments Dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi

Statues and Monuments  Dedicated to

Giuseppe Verdi

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verdi1Bust, Vincenzo Gemito, Villa S.Agata, Villanova d’Arda, Italy

verdi2Monument to Verdi, Busseto, Italy

verdi3Monument to Verdi, Cagliari, Italy

verdi4Monument to Verdi, Milano, Italy

verdi5Monument to Verdi, New York, USA

verdi6Monument to Verdi, Palermo, Italy

verdi7 Monument to Verdi, Parma, Italy

verdi8Monument to Verdi, Roncole Verdi, Italy

verdi9 Monument to Verdi, San Francisco, USA

verdi10Monument to Verdi, San Paolo, Brazil

verdi11 Monument to Verdi, Trieste, Italy

verdi12 Statue of Rigoletto, Mantova, Italy

verdi13 Statue, Native House of Toscanini, Parma, Italy

verdi14 Statue, Teatro alla Scala, Milano, Italy

verdi15 Statua, Villa S.Agata, Italy

verdi16Bust, Fonderia Marinelli (Firenze), Los Angeles Opera, USA

verdi17Bust and Sala Verdi, Montevideo, Uruguay verdi18

Mold of Giuseppe Verdi’s hands, taken the day of his death, January 27, 1901, in Milan, and donated to the Municipal Theater of Piacenza,; held at the Archives of the Municipal Theater, by the Municipal Library Passerini-Landi in Piacenza


verdi19Aerial view of the Verdi monument  in Parma; property of the historical archives of the City of Parma




Vincenzo Gemito, Bronze busto of Giuseppe Verdi, 1873; Casa Verdi, Retirement Home for Musicians, Milan, Italy

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