La traviata at the foot of the Masada

   “La traviata” at the foot of the Masada.

A new ravishing production of Verdi’s most popular opera at the footsteps of the majestic Mt. Masada.



Francesco Maria Piave
Conductor Daniel Oren
Director Michal Znaniecki
Set Designer Luigi Scoglio
Costume Designer Joanna Medynska
Light Designer and video                   Bogumil Palewicz
Choreographers Szlufik-Pantak Elzbieta
  Pantak Grzegorz


Violetta                                              Elena Mosuc
  Aurelia Florian
Alfredo  Celso Albelo
Germont             Ionut Pascu
Baron Noah Briger
Marquis Oded Reich
Dr. Grenvil Carlo Striuli
Gaston Guy Mannheim
Anina Shiri Hershkovitz

“Bigger than life! Excellent singing, precise set design and spectacular background created an unforgettable evening of the opera at Masada.” Yediot Achronot (Israel leading newspaper)

THU 12.6.14 21:30
SAT 14.6.14 21:30
MON 16.6.14 21:30
TUE 17.6.24 21:30



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