DON CARLO at the New National Theatre in Tokyo


Music by Giuseppe VERDI
Opera in 4 acts
Sung in Italian with Japanese surtitles
Opera Palace
27 Nov. – 9 Dec., 2014

This is a masterwork from VERDI’s mature period. At the centre of this massive historic drama is the grief of a prince, whose sweetheart becomes his father’s bride. Confrontations in politics, religion and in the relationship between father and son, love and jealousy, friendship, as well as complicated intertwinement, between the characters are all expressed in the stately, dignified music. The staging by Marco Arturo MARELLI comprises a space surrounded by prison-like walls and a symbolic cross. It was first presented in 2006 and is here being re-presented 8 years later.



Conductor Pietro RIZZO 

 Production and Scenery Design Marco Arturo MARELLI

Costume Design Dagmar NIEFIND-MARELLI

Lighting Design YAGI Maki


 Filippo II Rafal SIWEK

【英HP】SergioEscobar.jpg Don Carlo Sergio ESCOBAR

【英HP】MarcusWerba.jpg Rodrigo Markus WERBA

 Elisabetta di Valois Serena FARNOCCHIA

 La Principessa d’Eboli Sonia GANASSI

 Il Grande Inquisitore TSUMAYA Hidekazu

Un frate OTSUKA Hiroaki

Tebaldo YAMASHITA Makiko

Il Conte di Lerma/Un araldo reale MURAKAMI Toshiaki

Una voce dal cielo UNOKI Eri

Chorus New National Theatre Chorus

Orchestra Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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