Marco Arturo Marelli directs Die Fledermaus in Finland

logofinlandThe Finnish National Opera Presents:

diefledermausDie Fledermaus

Johann Strauss

Falke, a notary, was once abandoned on the town after a fancy dress ball, dressed up as a bat; in revenge, he orchestrates a series of misunderstandings. At a well-lubricated soirée held by Prince Orlofsky, the guests are incognito, and the inevitable confusion leads to everyone ending up in jail. In the hilarious final reckoning, it is deemed that champagne is the culprit. Die Fledermaus is a classic operetta thanks to its energetically bubbling music.

The new production shows that even an old warhorse can reveal new aspects of itself. Marco Arturo Marelli, who created the brilliant productions of Der Rosenkavalier and Pelléas et Mélisande, brings colour, movement, joy and kaleidoscopic whirls to the stage, all executed with the light touch of a Viennese waltz.
Duration 3 h 10 min, 1 intermission

Performed in German, surtitles in Finnish, Swedish and English.
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