Little Conductors, Experimental didactic workshop about orchestra leaders

logoEDULittle conductors

Experimental didactic workshop about orchestra leaders

Ten young aspiring conductors and a philharmonic orchestra with 50 elements at their disposal. This is the first didactic workshop that turns children into real orchestra leaders. An experience never felt before and a unique occasion to discover that growing is also learning how to communicate with the others. Little conductors – communicating through the sound – is a didactic workshop inspired by Arturo Toscanini, one of the greatest orchestra leaders of all time.??????????

Do you know how Toscanini was so good? Definitely for his prodigious mind and his courage , but even more for his skill to communicate through music. Toscanini like any other knew how to convey the true emotions of each composers in the music performed by an orchestra. Through the power of gesture, thought and motion imparted with a simple wand, he makes people relive the genius of Giuseppe Verdi, Wagner and many others.

eduToscanini Educational has created a didactic workshop that turns children and young people into little conductors, helping them to experiment and develop their communication, expression, interpretation and leadership skills. 10 students, 10 meetings with the leader of a real Philharmonic orchestra. Three steps to overcome: the aware leader, communicating with gestures, the gesture becomes sound. These are the ingredients of a unique teaching experience.

“Nobody knows what is the maximum that can be achieved.” Arturo Toscanini

Project by Alessandro Nidipiccoli1piccoli5piccoli4piccoli3piccoli2

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