Turandot on Sidney Harbour


A story of a death-marked love told with salt in the air, light on the sails and the city skyline reflected in your glass.

In 2016, Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour presents Turandot: a story of a death-marked love told with salt in the air, light on the sails and the city skyline reflected in your glass. It’s the best of Sydney in a single evening: singing, sunsets and sparkling wine, in perfect harmony. Join us at the water’s edge in a pop-up opera house with purpose-built bars, restaurants and a grandstand under the stars.
Chinese director Chen Shi-Zheng’s take on this Chinese fable will be one for the history books.As a child of the Cultural Revolution, Chen Shi-Zheng grew up in a China where cruelty and beauty coexisted. Taken in by a Chinese opera troupe, he grew up surrounded by music, but witnessed great suffering. It’s a duality he finds utterly compelling, and a juxtaposition that ties in perfectly with the ice-hearted, impossibly beautiful princess at the heart of Puccini’s Turandot.
As a director, his work forms a bridge between Chinese and Western artistic approaches, drawing on the Hollywood film tradition, theatrical acrobatics and traditional Chinese opera to create works that thrill visually and cut to the heart.
When the heroic top notes of ‘Nessun dorma’ ring out, your soul stirs. It’s impossible to resist – the climax of an exotic adventure, captured perfectly in music.

Performed in Italian with English & Chinese surtitles.
The site opens at 5pm, with five bar and restaurant venues on site.

Artist Information

Conductor Brian Castles-Onion
Director & Choreographer Chen Shi-Zheng
Set & Costume Designer Dan Potra
Lighting Designer Scott Zielinski
Video Designer Leigh Sachwitz / flora&faunavisions
Sound Designer Tony David Cray
Site Designer Adrienn Lord

Turandot  Dragana Radakovic / Daria Masiero
Calàf Riccardo Massi / Arnold Rawls
Liù Hyeseoung Kwon / Eva Kong
Timur Conal Coad
Pong John Longmuir
Pang Benjamin Rasheed
Ping Luke Gabbedy
Emperor David Lewis
Mandarin Gennadi Dubinsky
Prince of Persia Jin Tea Kim / Dean Bassett

Opera Australia Chorus
Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra


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Performance Dates

Running Time: Approximately 2 hours & 20 minutes including a 35 minute interval.


  1. Tue 29 Mar 16 7:30pm
  2. Wed 30 Mar 16 7:30pm
  3. Thu 31 Mar 16 7:30pm


  1. Fri 01 Apr 16 7:30pm
  2. Sat 02 Apr 16 7:30pm
  3. Sun 03 Apr 16 7:30pm
  4. Tue 05 Apr 16 7:30pm
  5. Wed 06 Apr 16 7:30pm
  6. Thu 07 Apr 16 7:30pm
  7. Fri 08 Apr 16 7:30pm
  8. Sat 09 Apr 16 7:30pm
  9. Sun 10 Apr 16 7:30pm
  10. Tue 12 Apr 16 7:30pm
  11. Wed 13 Apr 16 7:30pm
  12. Thu 14 Apr 16 7:30pm
  13. Fri 15 Apr 16 7:30pm
  14. Sat 16 Apr 16 7:30pm
  15. Sun 17 Apr 16 7:30pm
  16. Tue 19 Apr 16 7:30pm
  17. Wed 20 Apr 16 7:30pm
  18. Thu 21 Apr 16 7:30pm
  19. Fri 22 Apr 16 7:30pm
  20. Sat 23 Apr 16 7:30pm
  21. Sun 24 Apr 16 7:30pm
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