“Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk vår 16″in Norway




Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, directed by Ole Anders Tandberg, premiered at the Oslo Opera House in autumn 2014. “One of the rawest, most suggestive scenes my senses have ever encountered in an opera,” wrote the Morgenbladet critic. When the production moved to the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the German media used words like “triumph” and “sensation”.  In spring 2016 this critically acclaimed production returns to the Main House in Oslo’s Bjørvika.

Faced with a brutal, violent environment, the main character Katerina Izmailova is forced to kill. Her goal is to live with the passion for which she has so longed. Shostakovich’s music also helps to portray her as a human murderer with whom we can sympathise:

“This is the story of a strong woman’s rebellion in a male-dominated hell, which plays out against wonderful music,” says director Ole Anders Tandberg.


Katerina Lvovna Izmajlova_SVETLANA-SOZDATELEVA

As well as being lyrical and melodic, Shostakovich’s music is raw, direct, humorous and coarsely satirical.

The action is set on the Norwegian coast, with 800 kilograms of fish filling the stage.

“I wanted to create a world that’s closer to us,” explains the director. “And where in Norway are we as isolated and exposed as on the Russian steppes? Well, in a tiny house in a desolate enclave surrounded by a huge sea and slippery fish.

  • Free introduction one hour before the performance

GALLERY (Photos by Erik Berg)




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