VERDI’S 200th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: The Workshop Project “Verdi Web”


Verdi Web

A second workshop project of the Ravenna Festival aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 28 will be held in 2013

Verdi Web is a workshop project of the Ravenna festival aimed at young people which focuses on the various languages of communication connected to opera. In 2012 17 young people were chosen from a number of candidates coming from all over Italy. They were all aged between 16 and 28. The Alighieri Theatre opened its doors to 10 photographers, five writers, and two videomakers during the period of rehearsals for Verdi’s “Popular Trilogy”, namely  Rigoletto,  Il Trovatore and la Traviata. This gave the participants a wonderful  opportunity to get closer to the theatrical and musical experience. Day after day the participants “invaded” the theatre (the stalls, the balconies, the foyer the stage and the dressing rooms) participating with passion and a growing knowledge of this special opportunity they had been offered.
The experience of the workshop has been documented by the participants with photos videos and texts, which were published on a daily basis on

The 23rd Ravenna Festival ended with performances of the “popular trilogy” between November 9th and 18th 2012 at the Teatro Alighieri. All three works were performed on consecutive evenings in a type of “operatic marathon”.
workshop is an experience that Ravenna Festival wants to repeat again in November 2013 with another Verdi trilogy alongside another Verdi Web

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