VERDI’S 200TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: Viva l’Opera ’13/’14- Live in French Cinemas

visuel_nabuccoVerdi’s Nabucco from La Scala in Milan, part of the 200th anniversary celebrations across Europe this year, will open the UGC cinema chain’s Viva l’Opéra 2013-2014 broadcast season around France. 


In an echo of the hugely successful live broadcasts from the New York Met matinees that are screened in cinemas across France and the rest of the world, the Paris Opera and the UCG chain joined forces two years ago to bring audiences here a similar experience. They have based their programme on live performances from French and other major European opera houses in a season that opens September 19, 2013 and runs through to 10th July 2014.

Reporting on the initiative France Musique radio presenter David Christoffel said surveys showed that most cinema-goers attending  the live broadcasts from the Met came precisely because it was live and the cinema performances are attracting new audiences for opera around the world.

Thanks to the Internet, the famous chorus of the Hebrew slaves has made Nabucco one of the most popular operas. But Nabucco cannot be reduced to this chorus, it is also a founding work of Verdi’s style – a work that in addition was for the Italians, a symbolic image of their ‘enslavement’ under Austrian occupation. Thus in this year of Verdi’s 200th anniversary we could not celebrate without an opera that was for Verdi the spark that ignited the lyrical art of the 19th century. First screening: Nabucco, Giuseppe Verdi Directed by: Nicola Luisotti, Directed by Danièle Abbado, Singers – Nabucco: Leo Nucci (Baritone); Ismaele: Aleksandrs Antonenko; Zaccaria: Vitalij Kowaljow; Abigaille: Liudmyla Monastyrski; Fenena: Veronica Simeoni; The high priest of Babylon: Ernesto Panariello; Abdallo: Giuseppe Veneziano; Anna: Tatyana Ryaguzova September 19, 2013 from La Scala Milan.

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