Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde” performed in Belgium


Tristan und Isolde

Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883)

Language: German. Surtitles: Dutch.

From 27/09/2013 in Antwerp

  • Fri 27 Sep 2013 – 18:00
  • Sun 29 Sep 2013 – 15:00
  • Wed 02 Oct 2013 – 18:00
  • Sat 05 Oct 2013 – 18:00

from 17/10/2013 in Ghent

  • Thu 17 Oct 2013 – 18:00
  • Sun 20 Oct 2013 – 15:00
  • Wed 23 Oct 2013 – 18:00
  • Sat 26 Oct 2013 – 18:00
  • Dmitri Jurowski Dmitri Jurowski
  • Stef Lernous Stef Leurnos
  • Franco Farina Franco Farina
  • Andreas Schager Andreas Schager
  • Lioba Braun Lioba Braun
  • Marion Ammann Marion Ammann
  • Musical direction: Dmitri Jurowski
  • Director: Stef Lernous
  • Tristan: Franco Farina / Andreas Schager
  • Isolde: Lioba Braun / Marion Ammann
  • König Marke: Ante Jerkunica
  • Brangäne: Martina Diketristan-isolde_belgium1

Tristan accompanies Isolde to her marriage to King Marke. But on the journey, a coincidence transforms the love that’s been simmering between them into a fiery passion. Once they reach land, it is clear that their relationship does not have a chance in this world. That is why they both seek refuge in the night and beyond life.

To evoke this otherworldly passion, Richard Wagner created a unique musical language that far exceeded the musical boundaries of his time. His composition balances on the limits of tonality and opened the door to a modern world of sound. The music allows Tristan and Isolde the space and intensity to be themselves. This is perfect material for ‘king of darkness’ Stef Lernous. Here, the artistic director of theatre collective Abbatoir Fermé will be applying his dark, grimy aesthetics to the great opera repertoire for the first time, daring to take on Wagner.

Coproduction with Abattoir Fermé.


Stefan Lernous is infamous for his fascination with the dark side of humanity and for playing with reality and imagination. He’s an unusual, but appropriate match for the tale of Tristan, in which the night plays a central part. Dmitri Jurowski will be conducting his first full length Wagner at the Flanders Opera. Franco Farina is to play Tristan: he has mesmerised audiences in the world’s greatest opera houses and, recently, with the great German repertoire. Lioba Braun is his Isolde. She excels at the Wagner repertoire, at the prestigious Bayreuth and elsewhere. Ante Jerkunica, who has been described by NRC as “the mighty bass”, and who recently sang the role of Sarastro in Die Zauberflöte, will play King Marke.

  • Musical direction
    Dmitri Jurowski
  • Director
    Stef Lernous
  • Set design
    Stef Lernous & Sven Van Kuijk
  • Costumes
    Margerita Sanders
  • Lightning
    Stef Lernous & Sven Van Kuijk
  • Dramaturgy
    Luc Joosten
  • Choir
    Herenkoor van de Vlaamse Opera
  • Orchestra
    Symfonisch Orkest van de Vlaamse Opera
  • Tristan
    Franco Farina – 21, 24, 29 Sep en 2, 5, 17, 20, 23 Oct 2013
  • Andreas Schager – 27 Sep en 26 Oct 2013
  • Isolde
    Lioba Braun – 21, 24, 29 Sep en 2, 5, 17, 20, 23, 26 Oct 2013
  • Marion Ammann – 27 Sep 2013
  • König Marke
    Ante Jerkunica
  • Brangäne
    Martina Dike
  • Kurwenal
    Martin Gantner
  • Melot
    Christopher Lemmings
  • Ein junger Seemann / Ein Hirte
    Stephan Adriaens
  • Ein Steuermann
    Simon Schmidttristan-isolde_belgium2
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