Verdi Bicentennial Celebration: “ATTILA” (China Premiere)


Shanghai Grand Theatre Presents:

Verdi Bicentennial Celebration ATTILA (China Premiere)

Co-production by Shanghai Grand Theatre, Palace of Arts in Budapest of Hungary and Shanghai Opera House

November 7, 8, 9, 10, 2013; 19:30

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Directed by: Csaba Káel

Giacomo Prestia, Csilla Boross, Fabio Sartori, Gabriele Viviani, Zhang Jian Lu, Yu Hao Lei (November 7 & 9)
Roberto Tagliavini, Sun Xiu Wei, Han Peng, Yang Xiao Yong, Zhang Jian Lu, Yu Hao Lei (November 8 & 10)
Orchestra & Chorus: Shanghai Opera House


Attila is Verdi’s ninth opera chronologically, which received its first performance at La Fenice in Venice on 17 March 1846.The story begins in mid-5th century when the king of the Huns Attila,“the scourge of God,”has invaded Italy and seized the city Aquileia. The war prisoners’ leader Odabella, is the daughter of the Lord of Aquileia whom killed by Attila vows revenge. The Roman general Ezio proposes a secret bargain: the entire Roman Empire shall be Attila’s if he makes Ezio ruler of Italy. Attila angrily rejects his offer. At the gates of Rome, the Roman bishop Leo—the old man of Attila’s dream, who now repeats the same words, stopped his access. Then both sides declare the truce.At last, in the celebration Odabella stabs Attila with the sword he gave her, and Roman soldiers breach the Huns’ camp.

Opera Attila by Shanghai Grand Theatre (SGT), Palace of Arts in Budapest of Hungary and Shanghai Opera House was held a grand world premiere at Hungary on April 28, 2013.It is another new joint production after Opera La Bohemia in 2012 which is successfully co-produced by Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Salzburg Music Festival. In November people will see opera Attila for the first time in China at Shanghai Grand Theatre, and it is believed that Attila (SGT production) will be one of the most brilliant Chinese voices for Verdi bicentennial celebrations in the world.


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Zipcode: 200003
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