“Salome” in Stockholm


The Royal Swedish Opera Presents:

Richard Strauss’


Greed, obsession and devastating desire

Princess Salome has life served on a silver platter. She is desired by men and used to having her own way. But there is one man she can not have, for he sees only God. Salome desires the imprisoned and deeply religious John the Baptist. The more he rejects her, the more obsessed she becomes. Kung Herod, Salome’s stepfather, is also obsessed – by his stepdaughter. He promises her whatever she wishes, if only she will dance for him. Salome dances and then names her price. The head of John the Baptist on a plate.

A dysfunctional family, forbidden desire and two young lives will be served up on a silver platter when Richard Strauss’ brutal opera Salome, based on Oscar Wilde’s play, has its premiere on 30 November 2013. Director Sofia Jupither makes her operatic debut after a string of Theatre productions that have garnered much attention and acclaim, such as Ibsen’s Ghosts at the Stockholm City Theatre (2010) and Lars Norén’s Fragmente Folkteatern in Gothenburg (2012). In the title role, we will see the world renowned and award winning soprano Nina Stemme.


Music Richard Strauss

Text Hedwig Lachmann after Oscar Wilde

Director Sofia Jupither

Scenography Lars Åke Thessman

Costumes Maria Geber

Light Linus Fellbom

Choreography Katarina Aronsson


Herod: Niklas Björling Rygert

Herodias: Marianne Eklöf

Salome: Nina Stemme

John the Baptist: Joseph WagnerNarrabothJonas Degerfeldt

Herodias Page: Frida Josefin Osterberg

*Jewish scribes: Magnus Kyhle Anders Blom Pierre Gylbert Jon Nilsson,

Mattias: Olsson *Nasaréer John Erik Eleby

Soldiers: Mattias Milder Lennart Forsen

A Kappadocierian  slave:Anna Danielsson

Conductor: Lawrence Renes

*) The University College of Opera

Royal Opera Orchestra

Performance lasts 1 hour 45 minutes. No pause.

Saturday, November 30 19:00 Premiere!
Tuesday, December 3 19:00
Friday, December 6 19:00
Monday, December 9 19:00
Thursday, December 12 19:00
Sunday, December 15 15:00
Wednesday, December 18 19:00
Friday, December 27 19:00
Monday, February 10 19:00
Friday, February 14 19:00

“Nina Stemme best in the world”

Nina Stemme can now officially call herself the world’s best singer. The Swedish soprano has won an award as the best female opera performer at the International Opera Awards.

Prices, totaling 21 in all, were handed out in London on April 22. The German tenor Jonas Kaufmann was appointed incidentally the best female opera star.

This fall, Nina Stemme sings the title role in Richard Strauss opera Salome, having premiered at the Royal Opera House on 30/11.

Royal Opera AB
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