“Prometeo, Tragedia dell’Ascolto” in Argentina



Prometeo, Tragedia dell’Ascolto

– Prometeo, Tragedia dell’Ascolto, by Luigi Nono (1985, 150 minutes-long, for 11 soloists, chorus, ensemble, and real-time processing)

Teatro Colón Main Hall

London Sinfonietta (United Kingdom)
Orquesta Juvenil del Bicentenario
Coro Diapasón Sur

Music Director

Baldur Brönnimann (Switzerland)

Associate Music Director

Detlef Heusinger (Germany)

Chorus Coach

Mariano Moruja

Artistic Production Director

André Richard (Switzerland)

Sound Direction

Michael Acker, Reinhold Braig, Joachim Haas

Live Electronic Performance

Experimentalstudio des SWR (Germany)

Prometeo (1985) is the last piece written by the Italian composer Luigi Nono. This monumental, 150-minute piece in nine cantatas tells the different versions of the Greek myth of Prometheus. Five vocal soloists, six instrumental soloists, a twelve-voice chorus, two percussionists, and four instrumental groups of 13 musicians each, two reciters, two directors, and electronic sounds surround the audience. Instruments and voices are electronically processed in real time to be played and relocated in different points of the hall. The piece will be directed by Baldur Brönnimann, the Freiburg Laboratory will be in charge of the electronic work, and the acclaimed London Sinfonietta will be performing together with an Argentine instrumental and vocal ensemble

The piece will be directed by Baldur Brönnimann and its artistic production will be under the direction of André Richard. Experimentalstudio des SWR will be in charge of the electronic work and the acclaimed London Sinfonietta will be performing with a large local instrumental and vocal ensemble, consisting of the Orquesta Juvenil del Bicentenario and Coro Diapasón Sur, under the direction of Mariano Moruja.

Listening to a live performance of this magnificent piece by Luigi Nono is a whole new experience that transcends the purely musical domain. This is an absolute premiere, not only in Argentina but also in Latin America, which makes it an unprecedented cultural event.

A music and architecture discussion will take place in Buenos Aires on the occasion of Luigi Nono’s important premiere. Well-known figures and some of Luigi Nono’s closest assistants will be guest attendees at the discussion, which will be supported by Fundación PROA.

Co-produced by Experimentalstudio des SWR and the London Sinfonietta. Supported by the British Council and Fundación PROA.

Performance schedule

11.16.2013 | 8:30 pm
11.17.2013 | 5:00 pm

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