logobrnoLa traviata

Giuseppe Verdi  (1813-1901)

Janacek Theatre – Rooseveltova 1-7 |

2013: Tuesday November 12, Sunday December 8
2014: Tuesday February 2, Wednesday March 19

Libretto: Alexandre Dumas ml., Francesco Maria Piave

Conductor: Jaroslav Kyzlink
Director: Zbyněk Srba


Violetta Valéry Agnieszka Bochenek – Osiecka, Csilla Boross, Yvetta Tannenbergerová, Marina Vyskvorkina

Alfredo Germont Peter Berger, Pavel Černoch, Michal Lehotský

Giorgio Germont  Vladimír Chmelo, Pavel Kamas

Flora Bervoix  Jitka Zerhauová

Annina  Jana Iskrová, Jana Wallingerová

Gastone Petr Levíček

Barone Douphol  Jan Hladík

Marchese d´Obigny  Jiří Klecker

Dottore Grenvill  David Nykl, Aleš Šťáva

Giuseppe  Josef Škrobánek

Servant  Ivo Musil

Messenger  Zdeněk Šmukař

Janáček Opera Ensemble and Orchestra of the National Theatre Brno

Premiere 26th October 2001, Janáček Theatre

A Parisian courtesan sacrifices her one hope of personal happiness for the sake of her lover

Perhaps no one in the audience at the Venetian premiere in 1853, which the composer declared as a “complete fiasco”, would have believed that they had just witnessed the birth of one of the most popular and most performed Italian operas. Verdi always liked searching for a dramatic narrative with unusual and complex characters on which to base his operas and he undoubtedly found these elements in the novel La Dame aux camélias by Alexandre Dumas.

Verdi’s tragic tale of a Parisian courtesan, who sacrifices all for love, is full of moving and instantly recognisable melodies, making it one of the most emotionally engaging and great operas of all time.

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