“I vespri Siciliani” in the Czech Republic


The Sicilian Vespers

In the dark shadows, revenge is born…

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

Janacek Theatre – Rooseveltova 1-7 |

2013: Sunday November 17, Friday December 20
2014: Friday January 24, Sunday February 9, Sunday May 25, Saturday June 14

vespers6Author: Giuseppe Verdi
Musical Preparation: Jaroslav Kyzlink
Conductor: Jaroslav Kyzlink, Ondrej Olos
Director: Laco Adamik
Set Design: Jozef Ciller
Costume Design: Peter Čanecký
Choreographer: Hana Litterová
Chorus Master: Josef Pančík
Dramaturgist: Patricie Částková
Assistant Conductor: Ema Mikešková
Assistant Stage Director: Otakar Blaha


Guido di Montfort Luis Cansino
Lord of Bethume Ladislav Mlejnek
Count Vaudemont Jiří Klecker
Arrigo, a young Sicilian Rafael Álvarez
Giovanni da Procida Jiří Sulženko
Duchess Elena Adriana Kohútková
Ninetta, her maid Václava Krejčí
Danieli Tomáš Kořínek
Tebaldo Jozef Gráf
Roberto Igor Loškár
Manfredo Martin Pavlíček

Janáček Opera Ensemble and Orchestra of the National Theatre Brno

Premiere 11th January 2013, Janáček Theatre

In the dark shadows, revenge is born…

Many of Verdi’s operas are inspired by actual historical events. Among them is The Sicilian Vespers which the composer wrote at the request of the Paris Opéra. The libretto was written by the French dramatist Eugène Scribe. He offered Verdi a libretto that he had written in collaboration with Charles Duveyrier for the opera Le duc d’Albe that was originally designed for Gaetano Donizetti. Verdi insisted on revising the work and in particular, changing the setting from the Spanish occupation of Flanders in 1573 to the French occupation of Sicily in 1282. When composing The Sicilian Vespers, Verdi followed the genre of the French grand opera tradition, with an abundance of typical dramatic tension and greatness woven into his music.

This is the first time that the opera, The Sicilian Vespers, will be performed on the stage of the National Theatre Brno. Directed by the Polish drama, film and opera director, Laco Adamik, the dramatic opera tells the story of rebellion, ambition, pride and ultimately love.

vespers7 vespers1 vespers2 vespers3 vespers4 vespers5

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