“Agrippina” in Omaha



George Frideric Handel

Friday February 14, 2014
Sunday February 16, 2014

Orpheum Theater

About the Production

Delve into the sordid private lives of some of history’s most notorious figures. Agrippina is the ambitious and seductive wife of Emperor Claudius, who through shocking, and often darkly comic, machinations places her volatile teenage son, Nero, on the throne. Jeweled with Handel’s glorious melodies, Agrippina is the composer at his most theatrically visceral and musically stunning.

This striking new Opera Omaha production premieres an original edition of the opera by early music specialist and conductor Stephen Stubbs, and stage director James Darrah. This progressive creative team leads a charismatic cast of singers, nearly all of whom will make their Opera Omaha debuts!

Approximate run time is 3 hours with one intermission.


Agrippina Artists

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