I Pagliacci / Carmina Burana at the HAWAII OPERA THEATRE


I Pagliacci / Carmina Burana

You’ve never seen anything like this!

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Performance Schedule

  • March 28, Friday, 8:00pm
  • March 30, Sunday, 4:00pm
  • April 1, Tuesday, 7:00pm

All performances at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.

Sung in Italian, Latin & Middle High German with English translations projected above the stage.

  • CANIO:
    Kip Wilborn
    Elizabeth Caballero
  • TONIO:
    Louis Otey
    Andrew Garland
    Tracy Wise
    Hal France
    Roy Rallo
    Jamey Hampton & Ashley Roland, BodyVox

Il teatro e la vita non son la stessa cosa (the theater and real life are not the same thing)
line from Pagliacci

Created by the Portland Opera and arguably its most popular production, having been commissioned numerous times by other companies, HOT presents to you Pagliacci and Carmina Burana!

Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci, one of Opera’s most popular stories about Love, Jealousy, and Death has historically been paired with other pieces including Puccini’s Il Tabarro or Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana. This new combination of Pagliacci with Carl Orff’s extraordinarily popular choral masterpiece Carmina Burana works magically as both pieces combine to touch upon the visceral emotions of the human condition.

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Meet the Stars


Elizabeth Caballero

Elizabeth Caballero has literally one of the finest voices I’ve ever heard, crushing the men onstage with a booming, elastic vibrato that dominates McCaw Hall. Imagine the world’s creamiest, richest vanilla custard—now imagine that as a serenade. The only drag about La Bohème is that Caballero is not singing constantly throughout the show.

Dominic Holden, The Stranger 2/27/13


Andrew Garland

American baritone Andrew Garland has been saluted by The New York Times as having a “distinctly American presence” with a “big voice” who is “an able and comfortable performer, and a sincere one,” and by Opera News as having “coloratura [which] bordered on the phenomenal as he dashed through the music’s intricacies with his warm baritone, offering plenty of elegance and glamour in his smooth acting.

Hawaii Opera Theatre
848 S. Beretania St.
Honolulu, HI 96813

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