Teatro Sociale of Bergamo wins “Europa Nostra Conservation Award”

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ITALY, Bergamo



bergamo1Bergamo’s Teatro Sociale is a fine antique wooden theater “all’italiana” built in 1804. It enjoyed a mixed first century, but finally succumbed to competition and closed in 1929, functioning thereafter as a cinema and exhibition hall. By the end of the 20th century it was in an advanced state of decay. Demolition seemed its inevitable fate.

bergamo2But the corner was turned. The municipal authority, as owners, first planned a partial restoration of the ground floor only as an exhibition area. Then, however, its ambitions grew and proposals for a more comprehensive renewal were drawn up. In the end, the courage and funds were found to complete a full authentic restoration of the original building, making as much use as possible of whatever original features could be saved, and using modern methods to secure the structure and guarantee comfort and safety. The reward has been the re-establishment of a fine historic theater in the very center of the urban space, which has revitalized the surrounding area and indeed the whole town.

bergamo3“What impressed the jury with this project was the ingenuity in combining a minimal amount of inevitable new work with highly skilled, but again minimal, intervention in the restoration of the old. This is always a difficult balance and has been accomplished here with exceptional results, partly by the employment of a wide range of experts and partly with the enlightened patronage of the Municipality of Bergamo.”bergamo4



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2 Responses to Teatro Sociale of Bergamo wins “Europa Nostra Conservation Award”

  1. Gentlemen,

    I hereby present another case of degradation of a historic theater of our countries and that many popular sites try to preserve without being “treated” in their attempts by local governments, despite the many times that people have shown that they will. It is claimed always to modernity (as if this would be devastating), economic impossibility (as if there were no funds or institutions / foundations can partner) or lack of structural stability of the building (which still hold up after nearly 110 years and married their movable and integrated higher value by the City Council since 2005).
    This Teatro Salvador Marques is today a unique example of an entire architecture of the spectacle that once existed in the municipality of Vila Franca de Gaia: the last living proof buildings spectacle of theater and cinema in this county, and time frame of the emergence of major movements associations and cultural a time (when locally founded the Euterpe Society, the Republican Club, the Volunteer Firemen), making it as a gift symbol, an Alhambra which flourished in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.

    I think we could use this as an example Theatre, also to be close to Lisbon with his “big” theaters, has been left out of recovery programs I build this kind, and that this auditorium is like a symbol of how many theaters and cinemas and theaters are closed in Portugal, ignoring the wishes and local memories without respect or interest in each of these places he lived, and that melancholy linger painfully.

    I leave attached two links to sites that deal with this subject, but also a report on this Theatre for further clarification:


    With my best regards,

    Casimiro Gonçalves
    (91 630 511)

    — // —

    skype: miro113@hotmail.com

    DO NOT Click HERE! >>> http://www.publipt.com/pages/index.php?refid=miro113


  2. Teatro Salvador Marques in Portugal, Lisbon, Alhandra. Please listen, thanks!


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