“Il Viaggio a Reims” in Cape Town


Rossini’s Il Viaggio a Reims

Presented by Cape Town Opera in collaboration with the

University of Cape Town College of Music


Baxter Theatre
26-30 August 2014 (5 performances)
Presented by Cape Town Opera

Cape Town Opera and the UCT Opera school are proud to bring this critically acclaimed zany comic opera (which played to full houses at the Baxter Theatre in 2010) back to the opera stages.

They obsess, they flirt, they fight, they panic, they faint, they drink, fourteen Fashion-loving B-list celebrities find themselves stranded in a chic airport hotel lobby. The boredom of waiting in transit has never been more nuanced and entertaining than in this opera.

IL-V_0412 IL-V_0686 IL-V_0887 IL-V_1184sml IL-V_1258 IL-V_2150

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