The Barber of Seville in Norway

logonorwayDecember 21.–February 20

The Barber of Seville

Following two seasons of great success in the Second House, The Barber of Seville is now coming to the Main House.
Performed in Italian/ Texted in Norwegian and English
3 hours / 1 intermission

barber6Gioachino Rossini’s classic comic opera is about who will win the young Rosina. Will Count Almaviva succeed, or will she end up with the elderly Doctor Bartolo, who has locked her in?
In this version, the story is told from Rosina’s point of view. Director François De Carpentries and set designer Karine Van Hercke use her diary as a visual and conceptual starting point, in which the maiden’s storm of feelings are broken down, reflected and expressed. We become part of a game that is entertaining and infectiously funny, but also vulnerable and confused: the game of a young woman who is on a journey of becoming.
The young, sought-after soprano Pretty Yende makes her debut in the role of Rosina in Oslo. Next season she will reprise the role at venues such as the Metropolitan Opera in New York.
Free introduction one hour before the performance

    • Original title: Il barbiere di Siviglia
    • Music : Gioacchino Rossini
    • Libretto : Cesare Sterbini
    • Conductor : Enrique Mazzola, Rune Bergmann
    • Direction : François De Carpentries
    • Set design and costumes : Karine Van Hercke
    • Cast : The Opera Chorus, The Opera Orchestra


figaroEspen Langvik as Figaro





rosinaPretty Yende as Rosina

Playing the following days



rosina2Lina Johnson as Rosina

Playing the following days



Tuomas_KatajalaTuomas Katajala as Count Almaviva






Marco_Filippo_RomanoMarco Filippo Romano as Dr. Bartolo







Melis_JaatinenMelis Jaatinen as Berta





Jens-Erik-AasboeJens-Erik Aasbø as Don Basilio







Act 1

At night, Count Almaviva brings a band of musicians to serenadeRosina, pupil of Dr. Bartolo, who keeps the girl confined in his house.When Rosina fails to answer his song, the count pays the players, andthey leave. At the sound of Figaro’s voice, Almaviva steps away as thebarber bounds in, boasting of his busy life as the neighborhood factotum.

Figaro, though currently in Bartolo’s employ, encounters Almaviva and promises to help him win Rosina: for a suitable reward. No sooner has Bartolo left the house to arrange his own marriage with Rosina then Almaviva launches into a second serenade, calling himself «Lindoro», a poor creature who can offer only love. Figaro suggests Almaviva disguise himself as a drunken soldier billeted to Bartolo’s house. Almaviva is delighted by the love he will conquer, Figaro by the money he will get.barber1

Alone in the house, Rosina muses on the voice that has touched her heart and resolves to outwit Bartolo. Figaro joins her, but they leave on hearing footsteps. Bartolo enters complaining about Figaro, upsetting the house. Then the music master Don Basilio enters and tells him that Almaviva is a rival for Rosina’s hand and advises slandering the nobleman’s reputation. Bartolo agrees, but Figaro overhears them. Warning Rosina that Bartolo plans to marry her himself the very next day, the barber promises to deliver a note she has written to «Lindoro».barber3

Rosina, alone with Bartolo, undergoes an interrogation, thenlistens to his boast that he is far too clever to be tricked. Berta, the housekeeper, answers violent knocking at the door, returning withAlmaviva disguised as a drunken soldier in search of lodging. While arguing with Bartolo, Almaviva manages to slip a love letter to Rosina. But when Bartolo demands to see the letter, the girl substitutes a laundry list. Figaro dashes in to warn that their hubbub has attracteda crowd. Police arrive to silence the disturbance. As an officer is aboutto arrest him, Almaviva whispers his identity and is released. Rosina, Berta, Bartolo and Basilio are stupefied by everything that is happening. But Almaviva assaults Bartolo and the police officers sends the mall to the madhouse for examination.barber2

Act 2

Bartolo receives a young music teacher, «Don Alonso» (again Almavivain disguise), who claims to be a substitute for the ailing Basilio. Rosina enters, recognizes her suitor and begins her singing lessonas Bartolo dozes in his chair. Figaro arrives to shave the doctor andmanages to steal the key to the balcony window. Basilio now comesin, looking the picture of health; bribed by Almaviva, he feigns illnessand departs. Figaro shaves Bartolo while Almaviva and Rosina plan their elopement that night. They are overheard by the doctor, who drives Figaro and Almaviva from the house and Rosina to her room, then sends again for Basilio. Berta, unnerved by all the confusion, complains she is going mad. Bartolo then tricks Rosina into believing «Lindoro» is really a flunky of Almaviva.barber4

Rosina weeps about hear broken dream. After a thunderstorm, Almaviva arrives with Figaro and climbs through a balcony windowto abduct Rosina. At first the girl rebuffs «Lindoro», but when heexplains that he and Almaviva are one and the same, she falls intohis arms. Figaro urges haste, but before they can leave, their ladder is taken away. Basilio enters with the notary. Though summoned to wed Rosina and Bartolo, the official marries her instead to Almaviva, who bribes Basilio. Rushing in too late, Bartolo finds the lovers already wed.The old man accepts the situation, when he realizes he was fooled and Figaro tells the moral of the tale: Every attempt to stop love is a useless precaution.


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