Wagner’s “Lohengrin” in Croatia


Richard Wagner


Conductor Nikša Bareza
Director Kurt Josef Schildknecht

March 2015


Wagner’s Lohengrin, partly a fairy-tale, partly a historical myth and partly a tragic love story, raises a serious issue: can absolute trust and unconditional love exist in a world in which the absolute does not exist and in which almost everything is pre-determined? This opera written after a mediaeval legend about Lohengrin, the knight of the Holy Grail, is considered to be one of the most beautiful works of German romanticism in which music, through a hypnotically unbroken flow of sounds, unites the soloists, choir and orchestra into a unique and unrepeatable artistic expression. After the demanding production of Parsifal, this is again a co-production of the CNT in Zagreb and the Mainfranken Theatre Würzburg. With the opening night of the equally challenging Lohengrin, we shall mark the Wagner Year.


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