“L’Elisir d’Amore” in Israel


L’elisir d’amore

Gaetano Donizetti

A magical Mediterranean love story in which Adina enjoys teasing Nemorino until she finally does say “I do”. Omri Nitzan’s beloved, colorful and very genuine production returns to the stage after a long absence.

From the repertoire | Sung in Italian | Duration: Two hours and 45 minutes

Libretto: Felice Romani


Conductor Omer M. Wellber
Eithan Schmeisser
Director Omri Nitzan
Revival Director Gadi Shechter
Choreography Ophir Lavie
Set & Costume Designer Ruth Dar
Lighting Revival Eyal Levi

Among the soloists

Adina Hila Baggio
Alla Vasilevitsky
Nemorino Stefan Pop
Alexey Dolgov
Belcore Andrei Bondarenko
Riccardo Novaro
Dulcamara Bruno de Simone
Vladimir Braun
Gianetta Efrat Ashkenazi
Anat Czarny
Mrs. Dulcamara Yael Levita
Photographer, Notary Eyal Seri
Adina as an adolescent Hadas Jacobi
Nemorino as an Adolescent Ofir Lavie
Adina as a Child Ori Manor
Tamar Armel
Nemorino as a Child Yonatan Glazer
Shahar Levi

The Israeli Opera Chorus
Chorus Master: Ethan Schmeisser

The Opera Orchestra – The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion

English & Hebrew Surtitles
Translation: Israel Ouval

Day Date Hour Back Stage Tours Opera Talkback
* WED 11.3.15 20:00
** FRI 13.3.15 13:00 The performance is dedicated in loving memory of Dr. Israel (Rolly) Yovel
SAT 14.3.15 20:00
SUN 15.3.15 20:00 18:30 After the show
MON 16.3.15 20:00
TUE 17:3.15 20:00
THU 19.3.15 20:00 18:30 After the show
FRI 20.3.15 13:00
SAT 21.3.15 20:00
SUN 22.3.15 20:00 18:30 After the show

** Towards Opening – SAT 7.3.15, 11:00
*** A pre-performance lecture (in Hebrew) is held one hour before every performance. Free admission for tickets holders.



L’elisir d’amore

Two strangers intrude upon the serenity of the closed community of a pastoral village. They are the sergeant Belcore, a womanizing braggart soldier and Dulcamara, a charlatan doctor. They stir up emotions in the peaceful village in an ever-widening plot, and eventually succeed in bringing Nemorino and Adina together, helping them fulfill their love, while overcoming the emotional and social drawbacks which had characterized their relations twenty-four hours earlier.

Scene i
The curtain rises revealing a pastoral landscape of a provincial village. Farmers are resting in the field, and in the background, Adina, a rich and capricious lass, is sitting under a tree, reading a book. Nemorino, one of the villagers, a simple and shy youth, looks at Adina yearningly, contemplating how he could make her fall in love with him. After all she is rich and learned while he is considered to be a good-for-nothing. Suddenly, Adina bursts out laughing and recounts to the villagers the legend of the miraculous love elixir which helped Tristan conquer Isolde’s heart. A military march heralds the approach of soldiers, led by Belcore, a sergeant full of his own importance and manly charm who immediately proposes to Adina. Stunned, Nemorino is amazed by this unexpected rival, and confesses his love to Adina, but she refuses him, explaining that she is simply unable to return anybody’s love.

Scene ii
The entire village is excited by the arrival of Dr. Dulcamara, a garrulous charlatan, traveling salesman offering various elixirs and especially an antidote for all ailments. Upon Nemorino‘s request, the “doctor” prepares a love potion for him, explaining that it takes effect only after 24 (ample time for Dulcamara to leave the village). Nemorino drinks the love potion, hours he potion, unaware that it is nothing but Bordeaux wine, and becomes tipsy, believing, in his naivete, that tomorrow all his sufferings will come to an end as Adina will be bound to return his love. Adina, surprised by Nemorino’s changed behavior, and wanting to aggravate him, agrees to marry Belcore in six days time. Nemorino ,who is certain that potion will work within twenty-four hours, causing Adina to love him forever, is not worried. But as Belcore suddenly receives an order to leave the village immediately, Adina decides to marry him on the spot. Her provocation has turned into a dangerous adventure. Nemorino’s despair is total and all the villagers ridicule the lovesick simpleton fool.

shikuycACT II
Scene i
The villagers gather at Adina and Belcore’s wedding reception, all except Nemorino. But Adina’s revenge cannot be complete without his being there, and so she postpones the final signature of the nuptial agreement. Nemorino is searching for Dulcamara and when he finds him, pleads for an additional potion. Dulcamara indeed offers another potion which might help, but Nemorino does not have the money to pay for it. In his total despair and in order to get the necessary funds, he decides to join the army. Belcore willingly offers Nemorino the enlistment grant, believing that this is his opportunity to get rid of this ridiculous pestering rival. In his naivete, Nemorino believes that the additional potion will make Adina love him.

Scene ii
News spread through the village that Nemorino has inherited a fortune from his rich uncle has died. The ridiculed simpleton suddenly becomes a most sought after bachelor and believes that it is the result of the love potion. Adina is surprised when Dulcamara tells her that Nemorino has joined the army, and realizes that his love for her is strong and sincere. She if profoundly moved by the fact that he was actually willing to sacrifice his freedom for her and all her emotional barriers and shattered. She realizes that she truly loves Nemorino. Adina buys back Nemorino’s enlistment papers from Belcore and presents them to Nemorino, confessing her love for him. After all the trials and tribulations, Nemorino and Adina make peace with each other and with themselves. Dulcamara, who is about to leave the provincial village, informs everybody about Nemorino’s new fortune and takes advantage of the situation to market his new potion which he claims makes women love the men who love them. Belcore, confident of his male charm, leaves for another village searching for new love, while Nemorino and Adina hurry to the marriage canopy.

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