Parsifal in Croatia


croatianlogoRichard Wagner


April 4, 5, 10, 2015

Premiere: March 26, 2011.

Conductor: Nikša Bareza
Director: Kurt Josef Schildknecht

Anton-Keremidtchiev1Parsifal5parsifal6parsifal7parsifal8parsifal9parsifal10parsifal11parsifal12parsifal13parsifal14parsifal15parsifal16scena-iz-predstave2untitled Anton-Keremidtchiev2

Parsifal is an amazing and enigmatic work. Did Wagner, at the end of his life, decide to glorify the asceticism he had never practised? Or he kneeled in front of the crucifix, as Nietzshce claimed? What is the meaning of the secret society of knights of the pure blood, which is desperately waiting for the saviour who would restore it? What is the true nature of the contrast between the world of Klingsor and that of Holy Grail? What can Parsifal tell us today? In his artistic testament, Wagner condenses his personal moral evaluation of the world and returns to the roots of love and religion.

Egils-Silins Egils-Silins-Foto-Zlatko-Kalle1-703x1024 Egils-Silins-Foto-Zlatko-Kalle-625x1024 John-Charles-Pierce-Manfred-Hemm parsifal1 parsifal2 parsifal3 parsifal4

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