La Traviata at the Bolshoi in Moscow



April 7, 8, 9, 10, 2015
June 10, 2015

Premiered on October 7, 2012.

Sung in Italian with Russian surtitles.

Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes.
Presented with one interval.

Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave based on the novel La dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas, fils

Music Director: Laurent Campellone
Stage Director: Francesca Zambello
Associated Director: Julia Pevzner
Set Designer: Peter John Davison
Costume Designer: Tanya McCallin
Lighting Designer: Mark McCullough
Chorus Master: Valery Borisov
Choreographer: Ekaterina Mironova

preview_Traviata-1-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-2-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-3-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-4-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov



Tugan Sokhiev
Violetta Valéry Dinara Alieva
Flora Bervoix Irina Dolzhenko
Annina Irina Udalova
Alfredo Germont Murat Karahan
Giorgio Germont, Alfredo’s father Vasily Ladyuk
Gastone, viscomte De Letorières Marat Gali
Baron Douphol Otar Kunchulia
Marquis D’obigny Nikolai Kazansky
Doctor Grenvil Daniil Chesnokov
Giuseppe, Violetta’s servant Vadim Tikhonov

preview_Traviata-5-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-6-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-7-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-8-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov


Part One
Alfredo Germont arrives at a party at the home of Violetta Valéry, a renowned courtesan. She is surprised to learn of his devotion to her, and of his concern during her recent illness. Alfredo leads a toast to love; Violetta responds with a toast to pleasure and excitement. Feeling faint, she excuses herself to rest. Alfredo follows and begs her to allow him to love and care for her. She tells him she is not interested in such heroic commitment, but invites him to return the next day. Alone, she wonders if she is capable of experiencing love. Dismissing the idea as nonsense, she determines to live for freedom and pleasure alone.

preview_Traviata-9-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-10-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-11-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-12-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov

Violetta flees her extravagant life in Paris to be with Alfredo. After learning that she plans to sell her belongings to maintain their country retreat, Alfredo goes to Paris to pay their debts. While he is away, Giorgio Germont visits Violetta. He tells her that Alfredo, his son, intends to give her all his possessions. She tells the elder Germont that she would never accept and reveals that she is making sacrifices to maintain their life together. Although impressed by her nobility, Germont begs her to leave his son, as her association with the family will ruin his daughter’s future prospects. Violetta finally agrees, asking only that, after her death, Germont tell his daughter the truth. Later, when Alfredo receives a letter from Violetta, claiming she no longer loves him, he is devastated.

preview_Traviata-13-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-14-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-15-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-16-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov

Part Two
Violetta attends a party with her new protector, Baron Douphol. The men gamble, and Alfredo is the winner. Violetta pulls Alfredo aside and begs him to leave; he refuses and threatens to duel with the Baron. Unable to break her promise to the elder Germont, Violetta insists that she loves the Baron. Furious and hurt, Alfredo calls the guests together and publicly insults Violetta.

preview_Traviata-17-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-19-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-20-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-22-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov

Now on her deathbed and tended by Annina, Violetta re-reads a letter from Giorgio Germont. According to the letter, Alfredo went abroad after dueling with the Baron; his father wrote to him there, explaining Violetta’s sacrifice. Alfredo arrives, asking forgiveness and pledging eternal love. Violetta expresses hope for their future together, but she is very weak. Alfredo sends Annina for the Doctor. He arrives with Giorgio Germont, who reproaches himself for his earlier behavior toward Violetta. He asks forgiveness and pledges to accept her as a daughter, but he is too late.

preview_Traviata-23-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov preview_Traviata-24-photo-by-Damir-Yusupov

Photos by Damir Yusupov

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