Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour – Aida

aidasidneyWhat grander setting could there be for such an opera than Sydney Harbour itself: awash with the light of the city and the Sydney Opera House silhouetted against the setting sun?


In Aida, Verdi masterfully puts the intimate affairs of the heart against the grandeur of the universe: where kingdoms rise and fall and the sands of time grind onwards.

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour has become a huge part of the cultural landscape, combining all of the things Sydney does best: world-class opera, champagne and fine dining, sunsets and spectacle on the harbour’s edge.

It’s a monumental undertaking, with a team of more than 700 people involved in the project before a single note is heard over the harbour.

Aida is the biggest opera we’ve ever performed on the opera stage. But amid all of the spectacle, the famous ‘Triumphal March’, battle scenes and ancient temples, there’s an emotional heart.

Long after the fireworks have faded from the sky and Amneris sings her quiet, concluding prayer, you’ll see the true mastery of this opera: it is at once an historic epic and an utterly relatable human tragedy.

A setting like this demands a spectacular opera, so prepare for a performance of huge proportions. A royal love triangle, a war, and the famous ‘Triumphal March’ with Egyptians en masse will light up the waters of Sydney’s magnificent harbour.

Performed in Italian with English translations.aidasidney1 aidasidney2 aidasidney4

Artist Information

CONDUCTOR Brian Castles-Onion
DIRECTOR Gale Edwards

AIDA Latonia Moore/ Daria Masiero
RADAMÈS Walter Fracarro/ Arnold Rawls
AMNERIS Milijana Nikolic/ Jacqueline Dark
AMONASRO Michael Honeyman/ Warwick Fyfe
RAMFIS David Parkin/ Conal Coad
THE KING Gennadi Dubinsky
MESSENGER Benjamin Rasheed

aidasidney5 aidasidney6 aidasidney8 aidasidney9

 Performance Dates

aidasidney3 aidasidney11 aidasidney12 aidasidney13 aidasidney14


“A bold, sumptuous vision” – Sydney Morning Herald

“The most spectacular harbourside production so far” – The Australian

“Spectacle all the way” – Daily Telegraph

“Grand and breathtaking” – The AU Review

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