Madrid will be the European Capital of the Opera in May 2015

madridlogoteatrorealTeatro Real welcomes the International Conference of Opera Europe
From the 6th to the 8th of May, Madrid will celebrate the International Conference of Opera Europe, which will gather, at the Teatro Real, representatives of 150 opera theatres from more than 40 countries all over the world and will turn Madrid into the European Capital of the Opera.

The Conference, whose main discussion point will be the use of new technologies as a tool for the spreading of the opera, will coincide with the celebration of the “European Days of Opera”, for the first time since the Conference in Paris, 2007, and the launch of the digital opera project.

Among the activities planned on the occasion of both celebrations is the screening of opera and children’s shows on different outdoor screens.

European Opera Days

European Opera Days 2014: A successful journey for all

Over 230,000 citizens joined 100 participating houses in 25 countries for the 8th edition of the European Opera Days on 10 and 11 May 2014. Opera, its diversity, rich heritage and contemporary message were celebrated through free activities, out-of-house events, online happenings, rehearsals and performances.

First estimates show that the event’s objectives were realised successfully on a European level, reaching out to new audiences and inviting them to join a ‘Journey to Opera’: over 50% of the participants throughout Europe were opera newcomers.
Moreover, almost 40% of these participants were estimated to be under 30 years of age, thanks to the innovative activities proposed by the opera organisations’ organising teams.

We hope to ensure that this journey will continue for all and look forward to the next edition of the European Opera Days from 8 to 10 May 2015.

European Opera Days invite you on a journey.
For the 8th year running, opera houses all around Europe are opening their doors and inviting everyone to (re)discover opera during the European Opera Days on 10 and 11 May 2014.

The 8th edition of the European Opera Days invites you on a journey; a journey through time, a journey through places, but also an emotional journey.

It is a musical journey that has been enjoyed throughout Europe for 400 years. Linked intimately to the history and developments of Europe, opera mirrors our societies and challenges people to see their world from a different perspective.

This year, 100 companies in 25 countries celebrate opera, its diversity, its rich heritage and its contemporary message through free activities, tours of theatres and workshops, rehearsals and performances.
Since 2007, opera companies from all over Europe have been collaborating on this project. The European Opera Days are an open invitation to discover opera in all its forms on the weekend closest to 9 May, Europe Day.

The European Opera Days are a joint initiative of Opera Europa, the leading organisation for professional opera companies and festivals throughout Europe, serving over 140 members in 37 countries (, and RESEO, the European network for opera and dance education, supporting participation, creative learning and youth productions of 80 members in 21 countries (, in partnership with la Réunion des Opéras de France (, ANFOLS (Italty), Opera Norge (Norway), Ópera XXI (, the UK National Opera Coordinating Committee.

See the complete list of participants on

Program of the Conference

operadate operadate1


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