Fondazione Arturo Toscanini Educational presents: R-Esistence, a Music program for children.



“Resistance” (in Italian, Resistenza) from the dictionary:

  1. Action that strives to resist someone or somethingaiming to oppose this action.
  2. Ability to withstand pressures, strainand wear.
  3. Force that opposes the movement of the point or the body to which it is applied
  4. Electrical Resistor
  5. Fight against fascism in Italy and in Europe during the Second World War.

What is the meaning of Resistance today? What values ​​can be taken from historical resistance and make them EXISTENCE? And above all: is it possible? Is it necessary?Helped by all forms of artistic expression, but above all through music, both past and present, from chant to the dodecaphonic music, from pop to classic, we discover what R-esistence means nowadays. This is a Pilot project developed between the Toscanini Foundation and the “Alcide Cervi Institute” and with the involvement of Reggio Emilia and Parma middle and high schools. Meetings with people who now R-Exist, creativity and expression workshops, talks and discussions with conductor Alessandro Nidi and composer Andrea Talmelli and … in the end, helped by the writing, graphic, visual and sound suggestionsmade by youngsters, it will create a concert / show also with the Emilia Romagna Regional Orchestra.

Do you whant to listen a fragment? Click HERE

Alessandro Nidi conductor, Roberto Recchia recited voice


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