Sontini’s La Vestale in Bruxelles


Gaspare Spontini

La Vestale

The flames of the vestal altar set the score alight


‘Since La Vestale, not a note of music has been written that wasn’t stolen from my scores!’ Gaspare Spontini was himself aware of how innovative and influential his score was. He turned opera in a new direction by conceiving the whole score on the basis of a compelling dramatic conception involving naturalistic effects, orchestration, and musical form, thereby pointing the way for such opera composers as Rossini, Wagner, Berlioz, and Meyerbeer. As a grand opera it was ahead of its time and was full of spectacular scenes showing a Vestal Virgin’s forbidden love for a Roman general; it made Spontini the most important composer of the Napoleonic period. Here directing his first opera, the French stage director Eric Lacascade focuses on a highly topical subject: ‘More than passionate love, what is at stake in this opera is the liberation of a woman who frees herself from the power of religious authority.’
new production

Gaspare-Spontini1 Gaspare-Spontini2

Co-production La Monnaie / De Munt, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées



With the support of SWIFT

Music direction ¦ Alessandro De Marchi
Director ¦ Éric Lacascade
Set design ¦ Emmanuel Clolus
Costumes ¦ Marguerite Bordat
Lighting ¦ Philippe Berthomé
Dramaturgy ¦ Daria Lippi
Chorus direction ¦ Martino Faggiani
Chorus Academy direction ¦ Benoît Giaux
Licinius ¦ Yann Beuron
Cinna ¦ Julien Dran
Le Souverain Pontife ¦ Jean Teitgen
Julia ¦ Alexandra Deshorties
La Grande Vestale ¦ Sylvie Brunet-Grupposo
Orchestra ¦ La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
Chorus ¦ La Monnaie Chorus Academy
13, 15, 17, 20, 22 & 25 October<!–
[see agenda detail link]–>Sung in French
Surtitles in French / DutchApproximate running time: 2hours 30min
(Act 1 : 40min / change : 2min / Act 2 : 40min / interval : 20min / Act 3 : 40min)Pre-performance talks half an hour before the start of the performances

Photos from the rehearsals:

V_11_copy V_26_copy V_31_copy V_39_copy vestale2

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