Benvenuto Cellini in Barcelona


cellini4Benvenuto Cellini

Opera in two acts Libretto by Léon de Wailly and Auguste Barbier. World premiere: 10/09/1838 at the Opéra de Paris. First performance in Spain: 15/01/1977 at the Liceu. Last Liceu performance: 20/01/1977. Number of Liceu performances: 3

A love duel between artists at the papal court

Benvenuto Cellini has been commissioned to make a sculpture for Pope Clement VII. He is in love with the beautiful Teresa and is determined to run off with her at any price. But Teresa’s fiancé Fieramosca, who is also a sculptor, is scheming to keep her and get the papal commission as well.

  • Though premiered in 1838, this opera did not reach the Liceu until 1977 and has not been staged there since.
  • Terry Gilliam of Monthy Python, who is also the director of films such as Brazil, brings us this classic by Berlioz in an entertaining, colourful, novel production that includes acrobats.


Music director
Josep Pons

Stage director
Terry Gilliam

Co-director and movement director
Leah Hausman

Set design
Terry Gilliam i Aaron Marsden

Katrina Lindsay

Paule Constable

Finn Ross

English National Opera (London), Dutch National Opera & Ballet (Amsterdam)

Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Gran Teatre del Liceu

Chorus director
Conxita Garcia


Benvenuto Cellini John Osborn 8, 10, 14, 16 and 19 Nov
Adrian Xhema 12 Nov
Teresa Kathryn Lewek
Giacomo Balducci Maurizio Muraro
Fieramosca Ashley Holland
Pope Clement VII Eric Halfvarson
Ascanio Annalisa Stroppa 8, 10, 12, 14 and 19 Nov
Lidia Vinyes 16 Nov
Francesco Francisco Vas
Bernardino Valeriano Lanchas
Pompéo Manel Esteve
Innkeeper Antoni Comas

The production is a triumph, exuberantly colourful and inventive” (The Telegraph)

“Gilliam goes at this piece with tremendous gusto” (The Guardian)


First act: 90 min.
Interval: 30 min.
Second act: 66 min.

Total lenght: 3 h 15 min


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