Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs a perfect Elektra in Bologna


logobolognaDuring the week of November 15-22 2015, the opera ELEKTRA by Richard Strauss was performed in Bologna, Italy. The opera was a great success, in particular because of the great performance by the soprano Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs, who has appeared previously on our magazine. We insert some of the raving critical comments on her performance…



Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs


“Elektra could be defined as a “one woman show”, and Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs truly succeeds in drawing the spectator to her with a charisma that makes one want her monologues and scenes to never end. Her interpretation is breath-takingly fascinating, based on a declamation and use of text that would make a Shakespearian actor jealous. Her lirico-spinto voice, warm and convincing, fits the role perfectly, and the great professional knows how to keep her sound bright and smooth in the center of her voice, and in the beautiful high register, and then to obtain the maximum dramatic effect to darken the low, and medium low parts without taking away the musicality in this difficult role rich in quasi spoken, whispered, and loud passages, heading almost to screams.”


WWW.TEATRO.IT:  “Elizabeth Blanke-Biggs is an Elektra who is well suited in every way to take on the difficulties of the part: the voice has the proper volume, the color shows a beautiful old style darkness appropriate for the role, the high notes are solid and brilliant, and the character is vividly and intricately drawn in its lucid madness cloaked by a fury that is more interior than exterior.”


…an optimal cast made this show great, not only vocally, but theatrically. Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs was superb in the title role. Her Elektra was expressively strong, thanks also to her voice which leaned toward the dark, but was well projected; her performance was sublime, perfectly illustrating the character, knowing how to show her tragic and mad side, and also her passionate and romantic one.”


Follows the cast for the performances:


Elena Nebera (15,18,21)
Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs


Natascha Petrinsky


Anna Gabler (15,18,21)
Sabina von Walther


Jan Vacik


Thomas Hall

Pfleger des Orest (Precettore di Oreste) / Ein alter Diener

Luca Gallo

Die Vertraute (La confidente) / Zweite Magd

Alena Sautier

Die Schleppträgerin (Ancella dello strascico) / Vierte Magd

Eleonora Contucci

Ein junger Diener (Giovane servo)

Carlo Putelli

Die Aufseherin (La sorvegliante)

Paola Francesca Natale

Erste Magd

Constance Heller

Dritte Magd

Daniela Denschlag

Fünfte Magd

Eva Oltiványi


Lothar Zagrosek


Guy Joosten

Scenography and choreography

Patrick Kinmonth


Manfred Voss

Assistant to the director

Wolfgang Gruber

Chorus Master

Andrea Faidutti

Set up by Teatro Comunale di Bologna
from Théâtre de La Monnaie / De Munt Bruxelles
and Gran Teatro de Liceu Barcelona

Orchestra, Chorus e Technicians from Teatro Comunale di Bologna

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