JACQUES OFFENBACH’s “La Vie parisienne” in Marseille


La Vie parisienne


Tuesday December 29th, 2015 > 8:00PM
Thursday December 31st, 2015 > 8:00PM
Sunday January 3rd, 2016 > 2:30PM
Tuesday January 5th, 2016 > 8:00PM
Thursday January 7th, 2016 > 8:00PM

Returning to a by-gone era of dubious, but sophisticated mores, with characters, lyrics and music that are simply delightful, spirited and elegant…



Opera-bouffe in 5 acts
Libretto by Henri MEILHAC and Ludovic HALÉVY
First performed in Paris, Théâtre du Palais-Royal, on October 31th, 1866
Last performed at Marseille opera, on January 1st, 1989
Coproduction Opéra de Marseille / Opéra d’Avignon / Opéra de Reims / Opéra Théâtre de Saint-Étienne / Opéra de Toulon / Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse

Conductor Dominique TROTTEIN
Director Nadine DUFFAUT
Scenic Designer Emmanuelle FAVRE
Costume Designer Gérard AUDIER
Lighting Designer Philippe GROSPERRIN
Choreography Julien LESTEL


Gabrielle Clémence BARRABÉ
Metella Marie-Ange TODOROVITCH
Pauline Ludivine GOMBERT
Baroness Gondremarck Laurence JANOT

Baron Gondremarck Olivier GRAND
Bobinet Christophe GAY
Raoul de Gardefeu Armando NOGUERA
Frick Dominique DESMONS
Brazilian Bernard IMBERT
Alfred / Urbain Patrick DELCOUR
Prosper Jacques LEMAIRE

Marseille Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Julien Lestel Company

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