The Magic Flute in Slovenia.

slovene_logo Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Magic Flute

Die Zauberflöte


Conductor: Robert Houlihan, Simon Robinson
Director: Bruno Berger-Gorski


06.01.2016 at 10:00 Grand Hall
06.01.2016 at 12:00 Grand Hall
07.01.2016 at 10:00 Grand Hall
07.01.2016 at 12:00 Grand Hall
Premiere: 3 October 2014

Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto Emanuel Schikaneder


The Magic Flute, a two-act German singspiel (an opera genre with spoken dialogues), undoubtedly represents one of Mozart’s most accomplished works that was conceived in the last year of composer’s life (1791) to a libretto of his friend – a singer, actor and impresario Emanuel Schikaneder. The complexity of this opera reflects the spirit of the Enlightenment, most notably due to its esoteric content and rich symbolism that has been an inherent part of our society since the dawn of humankind. Mozart’s music and theatrical ingenuity, which was for quite some time an unsurpassed phenomenon, addressed the ever “modern” conflict between good and evil, the darkness and the light – or, as in the context of modern psychoanalysis –, the ego and the unconscious, in the character of Prince Tamino, who is torn between temptations of the evil, incarnated by the Queen of the Night, and the sovereign “divine” reign of Sarastro. In contrast, the composer and librettist created the role of Papageno, a simple bird-catcher and Tamino’s “natural” antipode, who is more interested in earthly pleasures than those of knowledge and wisdom. The undisputed freshness and fluency of the melodic lines, as well as the perfectly balanced mixture of humour and rather “serious” topics, have remained the most remarkable qualities of Mozart’s creative genius. Moreover, its impact seems to never have faded, as it drives us, even in these times, to think about our own identities, inner motives, and various dimensions of our humaneness. In addition, the opera performance will also be sung in abridged version and in Slovene language for younger audiences.


SarastroMarcos Fink, Giancarlo Tosi
TaminoMartin Sušnik
Queen of the NightPetya Ivanova, Nina Dominko
PaminaAndreja Zakonjšek Krt
PapagenoJaki Jurgec
PapagenaMojca Bitenc
MonostatosDušan Topolovec
The first ladyKatja Konvalinka
The second ladyValentina Čuden
The third ladyDada Kladenik
The first boyEva Černe
The second boyPetra Crnjac
The third boyInez Osina
Speaker, The first priest, Drugi orožnikAlfonz Kodrič
Speaker, The first priest Drugi orožnikMarko Mandir
The first armoured man, The second priestKlemen Torkar, Gregor Zavec


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