DINING WITH VERDI at the Academia Barilla in Parma

RegioParmaLogoAcademia Barilla offers some of the favorite dishes of the Maestro, using authentic family recipes.

DINING WITH VERDI | Academia Barilla, from Tuesday,

Academia Barilla, Largo Piero Calamandrei

October 04, 11, 18, 25, 2016     8:00 PM




Academia Barilla, on the occasion of the Verdi Festival, proposes some of his favorite dishes of the Master, using authentic family recipes handed down from the original recipe, in four themed dinners with Verdi’s intense flavor and combines a valuable historical menu display, contemporary of the composer, which can give us with their fascinating images the taste of an era. The exhibition, held in the Gastronomic Academy Library, will be open simultaneously to the dinners, which will be enriched by the presentation of each dish and the historical framework, following the same themes of exhibited menus: the cuisine of the early years, with strong influences of the Po river area; the ‘nineteenth century Milanese’ cuisine; the “patriotic”  cuisine ” and the ‘international’ cuisine.


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