A very colorful Magic Flute at the Seattle Opera


By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

seattlelogoCOLORFUL FANTASY. Mozart’s utterly unique extravaganza blends myth, magic, and a remarkable variety of wonderful music to deliver its life-affirming message: love conquers all. A handsome prince and his comical sidekick are given enchanted musical instruments and tasked with rescuing the Queen of the Night’s daughter from a mysterious group of priests. Undergoing trials of virtue, discretion, and charity, they realize that all may not be as it seems in this magical land. Award-winning costumes from the fabulous Zandra Rhodes (The Pearl Fishers) add to the many delights of one of the most fantastic entertainments ever created.

In German with English subtitles | at McCaw Hall
Approximate Running Time: 3 hours, with 1 intermission
Evenings at 7:30 PM. Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM.




Long Story Short

Distressed queen sends prince (and feathered friend) off to rescue kidnapped princess. But instead, they undertake initiation into the kidnappers’ brotherhood of light and truth.

20_gallery_magicflute-heroWho’s Who?

Tamino is a handsome young prince.
Papageno is a good-natured birdcatcher who travels with Tamino.
Papagena is a pretty girl who likes Papageno.
Sarastro is a wise wizard and the benevolent ruler of a holy brotherhood.
The Queen of the Night is Pamina’s mother and Sarastro’s enemy.
Pamina is a beautiful princess and the Queen of the Night’s daughter. When the opera begins, she is a prisoner in Sarastro’s temple.
Monostatos is a Moorish temple guard in Sarastro’s community. He has the hots for Pamina.
The Three Ladies are servants of the Queen of the Night.
The Three Boys are spirits who guide Tamino and Papageno.

In the land where fairy-tales take place, a dragon is chasing young Prince Tamino. Three ladies kill the monster, then show the prince a picture of Pamina, the Queen of the Night’s daughter. He falls madly in love, and the Queen asks him to rescue Pamina, who has been kidnapped by the wicked Sarastro. The birdcatcher Papageno is enlisted as Tamino’s sidekick; Tamino is entrusted with a magic flute and Papageno with a set of magic bells.

Our heroes make it to Sarastro’s citadel, where Papageno protects Pamina from Monostatos, an amorous guard, while a wise priest explains to Tamino that the Queen is really the evil one: Sarastro kidnapped Pamina to rescue her from her mother’s evil influence. Tamino and Pamina undertake the series of tests and trials which will grant them entrance to Sarastro’s community. Monostatos, too, switches sides when the Queen of the Night offers him Pamina in exchange for betraying Sarastro. And Papageno fails all Sarastro’s tests, but runs off with the girl of his dreams.


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