“1900: Looking Back, Looking Forward” has great success

Once again, the partnership between Maestro Michael Recchiuti at the piano and the astoundingly beautiful soprano Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs brought a magnificent concert to the world. I say to the world because besides being performed at the National Opera Center of America in NYC, it was live streaming on Facebook and at the site lasirenaproductions.com.

The choice of songs and arias was well balanced among Italian composers as Donaudy (of whom Ms. Blancke-Biggs also recorded a CD), Puccini and Pizzetti, followed by an interval, and German and Austrian composers, such as Schomberg, Mark, and Strauss.

The soprano proved yet again that her preparation, experience and angelic voice can light up a room while completely capturing the attention of the audience; I would say she keeps them mesmerized, simple as that. The pianist, evidently, contributed with his flawless performance.

We simply need more of this concerts that allow, through live streaming, the opportunity of being present through the internet to people who otherwise would be denied such an occasion.

The lucky ones who were physically present at the event had also the privilege to meet the two performers after the show and that is certainly a plus, being that they are amicable and a pleasure to have a conversation with.

My compliments go to the duo for their wonderful performance.

The concert may be viewed by clicking the picture below.

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