In these times of quarantine, a beautiful song can bring you hope…

Article by Tiziano Thomas Dossena

Anna Maddalena Capasso has a beautiful voice, but that alone does not make a great opera singer, or for that even a great crossover singer, but Miss Capasso’s masterful handling of her voice is well beyond her age and not only shows promise, it shows that she is ready for big roles. She is, as she jokingly states, truly a diva in the making.

Her YouTube Channel offers a variety of song videos that will capture the attention of anyone who loves music as a whole, and undoubtedly whoever loves opera and musicals.

The variety of songs and arias that she has posted are intriguing and satisfactory in many ways. She has a classical aria such as Lascia ch’io pianga from the opera Rinaldo by Handel  but also operatic rendition of songs such as God Help the Outcasts from The Hunchback of Notre Dame  and Into the Unknown from the movie Frozen 2.

 And if it wasn’t enough, this delightful soprano also has her own versions of Neapolitan songs as Abbracciame and O’ Surdato ‘Nnamorato.

Other song complete her Internet performance on her channel in a pleasing and fulfilling manner, so I urge our readers to visit her YouTube channel and hear her superb renditions.


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