Terrible news: Tragic death of young soprano while singing Verdi’s Requiem

Terrible news: Tragic death of young soprano while singing Verdi’s Requiem

 by Norman Lebrecht, Arts Journal Blogs, Slipped Disc

The Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires reports the death of soprano Florencia Fabris, who had suffered a brain aneurysm while singing Verdi’s Requiem at the Auditorio Juan Victoria in the province of San Juan.

Fabris, 38, felt bad during the performance, but refused to leave the stage. She  was rushed to Mendoza and underwent surgery but failed to recover. Our deep sympathies to her family and friends.


Florencia Fabris

Her colleague Carmen Giannattasio has contacted Slipped Disc with the following message:

It is with extreme sadness I am aware of the death of Florencia Fabris who was my cover as Desdemona only a month ago in Buenos Aires. She
was a young, solar, full of life girl. She was so nice to give to me a little teddy bear mascot of her daughter taken from her toy box just to keep me company in my dressing room during performances, since I was alone.
Life hides many surprises sometimes happy, sometimes bitter like this one.  She died while singing Libera Me Domine in Verdi’s Requiem.
May God rest her soul  I am very close to her family in this very sad moment.  Florencia rest in peace
Carmen Giannattasio

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