Revival of La Bohème in Croatia



The revived opera production of La Bohème is scheduled for Monday, December 28, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.

Conductor: Nikša Bareza

Stage director and set designer: Arnaud Bernard



Renzo Zulian, Siniša Hapač, Luciano Batinić, Berislav Puškarić (28.12.) , Matija Meić (28.12.), Davor Radić, Tamara Franetović Felbinger, Martina Zadro (28.12.), Marija Kuhar Šoša, Tanja Ruždjak (28.12.), Ivica Trubić, Ozren Bilušić, Tvrtko Stipić (28.12.), Ivan Šatalić, Antonio Brajković, Kristijan Beluhan(23.12.), Neven Mrzlečki (23.12. i 30.12.) et al.

Despite an unsuccessful opening night Puccini’s fourth opera La Bohème has become one of the most popular Italian operas. Each and every production that followed the opening night both in Italy and abroad won great acclaim with the critics and the audiences. The music and the soul-stirring plot that had been taken from life earned this opera the epithet of one of the most loved and popular operas in general. The libretto was created after Henri Murger’s novel Scènes de la Vie de Bohème in which he described the life of students and artists of the Parisian Latin district. After less than five years, the moving love story of a fragile seamstress and a charming poet returns to our stage. La Bohème directed by the Frenchman Arnaud Bernard is an excellently staged performance. (Jutarnji list, December 21, 2009.)

GALLERY (Photographer: Ivica trubić):

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