Maja Borin’s “The Elf” at the Slovenian National Theater.

slovene_logoMaja Borin

The Elf

Director: Branka Nikl Klampfer


04.01.2016 at 10:00, Small Stage
05.01.2016 at 10:00, Small Stage
05.01.2016 at 11:15, Small Stage
06.01.2016 at 10:00, Small Stage

Premiere: 20 September 2007, Small Stage

The little Elf from the Moon (Matevž Biber) one day finds himself on the Earth. The company of coeval creatures: singer Žabonka (Mateja Pucko), stamping Cepetulja (Eva Kraš), liar Pavlihec (Viktor Meglič), lazy Medo (Iztok Bevk) and detective Milko (Ivica Knez) are preparing to celebrate the harvest of golden pears. But sweet pears one by one are mysteriously disappearing.
What to do? How to find the thief? Who will untie Elf’s language?



Matevž Biber
Davor Herga
Ivica Knez
Eva Kraš
Mojca Simonič
Mateja Pucko
Viktor Meglič


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